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Where Jesus was baptized, preached and performed many of his miracles. We will visit the bank of the River Jordan where John the Baptist baptized Jesus and visit the Mount of Beatitudes where Christ delivered the Sermon on the Mount. At the church of Multiplication, saw the sight where Christ is believed to have performed his miracles with two fish and five loaves. Walk through Capernaum, the center of Jesus' ministry, and Nazareth, the scene of Jesus' youth. Lunch.

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No shuttle service will be in operation as the city center is within walking distance.

Haifa has the Baha'i temple with its stunning gardens. Building that looks similar to Dubai sail building.

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When traveling to Bethleham, it is not within Israeli territory and the operating of this tour is subject to Palistian Authority regulations.

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Missile Strike from Gaza Lands near Port of Ashdod

Today we are in Ashdod, Israel (Jerusalem) Today's Weather Forecast: Sunny and very warm with a estimated high of 91°F (32.7°C) Sunrise: 5:37 am - Sunset: 7:36 pm Ships arrival: 7:00 am - All aboard at 9:30 pm - Departure Time 10:00 pm

Immigration Process in Israel: The ship is required to present ALL guest (in person) to Immigration Officials for inspection. The Immigration process took place in the terminal when departing from the ship in Ashdod. Each guest must have in hand, passport, Israeli Landing Card and their Seapass Card.

Shuttles to the Sea Mall Shopping Center that also encloses the Asdod Central Bus Station, will be leaving the ship approximately every 30 minutes. First shuttle bus will leave at 7:30 am, and last shuttle bus back to the ship will leave Sea Mall at 8:30 pm. There is a $15 per person charge for this shuttle. Authorized taxis are also available on the Pier. Only authorized taxis will be allowed through the port gate upon your return to the ship.

Ashdod is located in the South District of Israel on the Mediterranean Sea coast, is Israel's largest port. Ashdod was first settled during the Canaanite era in the 17th century BC, making the city one of the most ancient in the world. Ashdod is mentioned thirteen times in the Bible. Now, a well-planned modern city, Ashdod is a welcoming combination of ancient history and cosmopolitan port life. From Ashdod,

JERUSALEM & BETHLEHEM TOUR - We took the longest tour available to make the best use of our time here which is 10 hours. We left the Ashdod area at 8:00 am and returned at approximately 6:00 pm.

Returning to to our ship we went to dinner than rested in our stateroom. No evening entertainment was scheduled because of so many people had been off they ship during the day and into the evening. I'm not sure exactly what time it was, we had fallen asleep and didn't hear the Captain's announcement but the ship left port unexpectantly early. A missile from Gaza landed near the Port of Ashdod and we were out of their ASAP! Ashdod is 18 miles northeast of Gaza.

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Suez Canal

We were scheduled to enter the Suez Canal early in the morning, either 4 am or later. Royal Caribbean had scheduled this time and paid the fee a year ahead for this ship and this cruise, but last night everything changed, the port authorities said we had two choices, either 8:00 pm last night or 11:00 pm tonight, The first choice it was too dark to see very much until we arrived in Port Said, and the second choice we would have to skip the first port in Israel to reach Istanbul on time. So thankfully, the Captain chose the second option.

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